Kirti Engineering Enterprise is Dealer of NFIL Gases, NFIL offers Safe, Reliable and World Class Refrigerants for various applications.

NFIL sells its Refrigerants under its Brand Name MAFRON which, over the years, has become a generic name for Refrigerant Gases in India. Trusted for its flawless performance over decades, MAFRON is the preferred choice of leading Manufacturers, OEMs, Service technicians and equipment owners to provide Safe, Reliable and Efficient refrigeration and air conditioning. 85% of Refrigerants produced are exported worldwide to countries in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Africa and the Americas.

NFIL's refrigerant gases portfolio comprises MAFRON 22, MAFRON 134a, MAFRON 22/142b Blend. Mafron 22 which is used for residential and light commercial air conditioning, refrigerators, and freezers and 134-a which is used in car air-conditioners and household refrigerators.

• Mafron 22
• Mafron 134a
• Mafron 22 - R - 142b Blend
• Specifications - Mafron 22, 134a, Blend
• Physical Properties & Applications - Mafron 22, 134a, Blend
• Packing Information - Mafron 22, 134a, Blend

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